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Minneapolis Concrete Aprons

Minneapolis Concrete Aprons

As one of the top concrete paving contractors Minneapolis has to offer, we understand the importance of good quality concrete aprons. Concrete aprons are necessary when concrete needs to change grade. You have probably noticed the “slant” at the beginning of a driveway, garage, or where a sidewalk meets a street. These are all concrete aprons and they make the pavement easier and safer to walk on and drive on.

Just imagine driving into a parking lot or a driveway where there is no concrete apron and the parking lot or driveway is higher than the roadway. That could wreak havoc on tires and even damage them. In fact, there are some vehicles that are very low profile, so they could make contact with the concrete and sustain damage.

Our St. Paul & Minneapolis asphalt paving company specializes in concrete aprons, which means we can install the apron that you need in order to make the transition between grades seamless and safe. For businesses and even homeowners, this is something that could prevent damage to the vehicles of others and also keep pedestrians safe, thus avoiding liability.

A Professional & Modern Look

In addition to ensuring safe passage from one grade of pavement to another, concrete aprons also bring a professional and modern look to your home or business. Concrete aprons bring both aesthetic appeal and functionality whenever they are installed. They simply look natural to the concrete, whether they are installed the time the concrete slabs are installed or sometime after. Because recognition of the benefits of concrete apron usage is becoming more common throughout the Twin Cities, concrete aprons are going to be seen more and more in the coming months and years.

Enhanced Safety

There is also a safety factor. Consider the severe weather in Minnesota and how it can affect walkways. When ice and water falls from a roof, it is much better for it to impact a concrete apron rather than directly hit asphalt. This is something that can lengthen the life of a driveway.

Whether you are having a new driveway or slab of pavement installed or you wish to have concrete aprons installed where there is existing concrete, ACT Asphalt Specialties is there to help ensure that the concrete apron is installed right so that it serves the purpose you want it to serve. By ensuring proper installation, the concrete aprons that we install will last for many years and will help keep your pavement in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

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Concrete aprons are usually found in front of garage doors and when transitioning from one grade slab to another. This makes walkways and driveways safe for people and vehicles. If you are in need of our concrete apron installation services to help transition from one grade of concrete to another, ACT Asphalt Specialties can install it for you. To learn more, contact our Minneapolis concrete paving contractors at (651) 484-1696 to request a free estimate.