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ACT Referral Program | Refer a Friend

Do you know someone who could use our services? With Asphalt Specialties referral program, you can help your friend get the new asphalt/concrete they need and get $50.00 for yourself!*

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out and submit the referral form including the Name, Phone Number, and Email address of the person you are referring.
  • We will then contact them, and if they decide to proceed with an asphalt/concrete project you will receive a check for $50.00 once their project is completed and paid in full.

Thank you for participating in the Asphalt Specialties referral program. We appreciate your recommendation!

*Program stipulations:

  • If the individual is referred by more than one person, we will honor the first referral only.
  • If you and another person jointly refer a friend, the $50.00 will be split evenly between you, resulting in a check for $25.00 to each.




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