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Minneapolis Asphalt Services

Minneapolis Asphalt Paving Services

The Minneapolis asphalt paving experts at ACT Asphalt Specialties specialize in a wide range of asphalt paving services, as well as maintenance and repair of asphalt surfaces, curbs and drains.

Our professional asphalt contractors know that proper installation and maintenance of your asphalt project remains vital to extending the life of the surface. With decades of experience and a reputation for professionalism and quality, ACT Asphalt Specialties’s asphalt paving company wants to handle your next asphalt paving project.

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Sunken Aprons

There are two issues that can result when a driveway has sunken down: it is a trip and fall hazard and vehicles can be damaged. The idea is for an experienced St. Paul & Minneapolis asphalt paving company to work with sunken driveway slabs before they crack. Learn more about Minneapolis sunken driveway repair →

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Concrete Aprons

As one of the top concrete paving contractors Minneapolis has to offer, we understand the importance of good quality concrete aprons. Concrete aprons are necessary when concrete needs to change grade. Learn more about Minneapolis concrete aprons →

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Resurfacing & Overlays

Overlays can extend the life of your asphalt driveway or parking lot and are ideal for situations where your asphalt surface is structurally sound but has a small area — less than 25% — that is showing cracks and needs repair. Learn more about Minneapolis asphalt resurfacing →

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New Construction

Our dedicated grading crews will prepare your new construction site by balancing the subgrade and finish-grading the aggregate base, both essential elements to achieve the proper results and extend the lifetime of your asphalt pavement. Learn more about Minneapolis new asphalt construction →

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Sidewalks & Patios

Sidewalks and patios serve many purposes and require correct installation using the best concrete and installers with the most experience. The job has to be done right both for longevity and safety. Learn more about Minneapolis sidewalk & patio installation →

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Patching & Repairs

Whether you need asphalt repair work on your small business parking lot or a large industrial complex, our knowledgeable craftsman can handle every detail of your asphalt repair project from start to finish, and they will complete your job on time and on budget! Learn more about Minneapolis asphalt patching & reapirs →

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Crack Filling

When cracks start to appear in your asphalt parking lot, road or street, filling them with the proper material – such as the crack fill used by ACT Asphalt Specialties – can easily extend the longevity of your asphalt surface. Learn more about Minneapolis asphalt crack filling →

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Parking Lot Paving

Our professional asphalt parking lot contractors know that proper installation and maintenance of your parking area remains vital to extending the life of the surface — and to the success of your business. Learn more about Minneapolis parking lot paving →

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Milling & Recycling

Let our expert milling technicians prepare your parking lot, road or street for resurfacing by removing the damaged top layer of existing asphalt. ACT Asphalt Specialties can mill from one inch to one foot of asphalt and aggregate base — using a time-tested and proven milling process that makes removal quicker, cleaner and more affordable. Learn more about Minneapolis milling & recycling →

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For more information on how ACT Asphalt Specialties’s professional Minneapolis asphalt paving contractors can improve the curb appeal of your business, contact us today or call us directly at (651) 484-1696.