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Are You Ready for Asphalt and Concrete Repair Season?

Preparing for asphalt and concrete season Minneapolis, MN

It’s asphalt and concrete repair season! Are you ready? Our Shoreview, MN asphalt contractors offer asphalt repair and concrete driveway repair to help you maintain the appearance and function of your paved surfaces.

Whether you need pothole repair in your asphalt driveway or crack repair in your parking lot, you can trust us for excellent results. Unlike other asphalt companies, we use specialty equipment for concrete and asphalt repair

Continue reading to learn how to prepare for asphalt, concrete, and pothole repair season and how our asphalt contractors in Shoreview, MN can help. Our contractors are able to transport equipment and materials to your job site. We also have an asphalt milling machine to mill and replace asphalt.

What is the Main Cause of Potholes?

Potholes are often the result of cracks that were left unrepaired the previous season. Asphaltexpands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, which is why it’s important you call our parking lot and driveway contractors as soon as you notice a problem. 

Asasphalt contracts, cracks widen and allow water to seep underneath the paved surface. Once the temperature drops, this trapped water freezes and expands. When the temperature rises, the ice melts and leaves behind an empty space beneath the weakened surface of your parking lot or driveway. At this point, all it takes is the weight of a vehicle to make the weakened surface collapse and form a pothole.

Pothole Repair

We offer pothole and asphalt repair to keep your driveway or parking lot in good condition. We understand that potholes can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. The last thing you want is to have someone trip over a pothole and sue you for personal injury damages. 

Fortunately, our asphalt contractors offer asphalt repair when weather permits so you can maintain safe parking lot conditions. We recommend that you fill potholes as soon as possible for your peace of mind.

Concrete Sunken Apron Repair

Our asphalt contractors are also knowledgeable and experienced insunken apron repair in concrete driveways. Sunken aprons are areas of your concrete driveway that have sunken in, causing large puddles when it rains and minimizing the usefulness of the concrete apron itself. Over time, this can cause your concrete driveway slabs to crack. 

Our concrete repair contractors will lift up the concrete slab to fill in the empty areas underneath, leveling out your driveway. This process will keep your driveway in good condition for years to come. The concrete leveling procedure can usually be completed in a single day, leaving your driveway free for immediate use. 

Call Our Asphalt & Concrete Repair Team

If your parking lot or driveway is in need of repair, our team of professionals can help. Our Shoreview, MN pothole repair contractors are ready to transform your damaged driveway or parking lot. To request a free estimate for asphalt and pothole repair, call ACT Asphalt Inc. at (651) 484-1696.

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