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5 Concrete Patio Ideas

5 Concrete Patio Construction Ideas Asphalt paving near Minneapolis, MN

When you first hear about concrete patios, you might think they’re just giant, boring slabs of concrete. But you’ll be surprised to learn that they're actually so much more. There are a lot of creative, modern designs on the market that people love time and time again. If you’re looking for a few ideas for your futureconcrete patio, our concrete patio installers near Minneapolis, MN, are here to help.

1. Colored Concrete

You know, concrete pavement doesn’t have to stay gray. Here at ACT Asphalt, we offer a variety of concrete colors to match your home’s design. With this option, we can create different landscaping appearances that help pull together your concrete patio, driveway, and lawn furniture aesthetic. 

This means you choose what you want to shine in your backyard. If you’re hoping to have a fire pit be the centerpiece, we can modify your concrete patio colors to complement the flames, while still working with your home’s architectural design.

However, if you’re aiming for more of a floral estate, we can install your concrete in a way that appreciates the hard gardening work you’ve done. The freedom to create is at your fingertips. What will you make with the help of our team?

2. Stamped Concrete

When we say concrete designs, it’s about what the concrete looks like and about where it’s placed. Concrete stamp patterns help create different moods. You can create an artisan effect on your patio by having concrete end and restart in specific areas and by filling that space with rocks or small stones.

If you don't want to use pebbles, you could have different types of grass grow in between the concrete slabs, creating a more natural yet lively feel. Concrete patterns are completely up to you, but we’ll work alongside you as your concrete patio contractor to make sure it looks professional. 

3. Concrete Structures and Mirroring

If you have a concrete patio, you may want some concrete structures to complement it. Concrete structures can blend your indoors with the outdoors and further add to your patio amenities.

If you have a pool, one idea is to incorporate a geometric, concrete waterfall. If you’re a fan of cookouts, a large table slab with concrete stamps or square holes might be the perfect tie-in for your summer barbeques. 

As your local concrete contractor, we’ll try and look for opportunities to create a mirroring effect, so we can echo shapes that your home already has. Our goal is to make your backyard look like something out of a magazine.

4. Floating Pavers

We can’t make concrete float (not yet at least) but the term floating pavers is a popular concrete patio option. By making perfect squares that are evenly spaced, concrete pavers give the illusion of floating squares. 

This option is great if you want to incorporate a fire pit or even a backyard hot tub. It’s not optimal for cookouts, but we can add an extended section that will help incorporate a grill if desired.

5. Concrete Simplicity

Concrete patio installation offers a level of simplicity that standard brick and wood patios can’t. There’s a clean, crisp feel to concrete and many artists capitalize on it to create beautiful concrete patios. As your local sidewalk and patio installers, we’re here to make your backyard dreams a reality.

Simple concrete patio designs have a ton of value too as they’re easy to maintain and repair! They also work well if you intend to add things to your patio you don’t have yet. The open space is welcoming and artistic so that however your home evolves, your patio will be ready. 

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