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Why Your Parking Lot Needs Pothole Repairs

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Pothole Repairs Minneapolis, MN

When the snow melts, you may notice more potholes in your parking lot than you remember from last fall. Remember that asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, especially in the spring. 

When this happens, the pavement can weaken and collapse into a pothole under the weight of traffic. After the spring thaw, your first call should be to an asphalt contractor near you to fill potholes. 

Not only do potholes affect your commercial building’s curb appeal, but they can also decrease the number of usable parking spaces and make you liable for personal injury claims. Continue reading to learn why you should schedule asphalt pothole repair with our asphalt paving contractors at A.C.T Asphalt Specialties as soon as the weather warms up.

Why should I care about curb appeal?

You may be sending an unintentional message to customers from the condition of your parking lot. If your parking lot is riddled with potholes, it can send the message that your business is just as neglected. After all the time and effort it takes to attract customers, the last thing you want is for them to be put off by a neglected asphalt parking lot

Asphalt parking lot maintenance is important because it affects your customers every day. Investing in maintenance like pothole repairs or an asphalt patch lets your customers know that you care about their safety and what they think about your company.

How do potholes affect my customers?

As an asphalt company that has worked with countless business owners, we understand that you have a lot on your plate. However, it’s a mistake to think that the condition of your parking lot doesn’t affect your customers or your professional image.

How happy do you think a customer is going to be if they can’t find a parking space near your building that doesn’t have a pothole? While it’s true that well-maintained parking lots are often taken for granted, your customers will notice large potholes and cracks. 

Having to walk around countless potholes can put your customers in a bad mood before they even walk through your doors.

A neglected parking lot can shift the focus from the high-quality goods and services your company offers. Instead of potential clients being impressed with your company, they’ll be thinking about how much time they spent looking for a usable parking space.

How could potholes affect me legally?

If you are a commercial property owner, it is your legal responsibility to make sure parking lot conditions are safe for drivers and pedestrians. Deep potholes can not only damage vehicles, but injure pedestrians. 

If someone gets hurt from tripping over a pothole, you could be held liable for medical bills and other injury-related expenses. Protect yourself and the business you’ve worked so hard to build by filling potholes this spring. 

What maintenance does my parking lot need?

We recommend you call our paving contractors at A.C.T. Asphalt Specialties as soon as you notice large cracks and potholes in your parking lot. The longer you wait to give us a call, the more money you could end up spending on asphalt repairs. 

During spring maintenance, it’s also a good idea to fill in cracks. We use crack fillerthat is durable enough to withstand the elements. An asphalt overlay can also be used to cover cracks.

Who do I call for asphalt repairs?

Our Minneapolis asphalt contractors at A.C.T. Asphalt Specialties will work hard to make sure your asphalt parking lot is safe for drivers and pedestrians. To request your free estimate for asphalt repairs, give us a call at (651) 484-1696.

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