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Types of Asphalt for Residential Driveways

Residential Asphalt Driveway Paving in Minneapolis, MN

If you are having difficulty deciding which type of asphalt is best for your residential driveway, you’re not alone. Picking what asphalt to use for your driveway is an important decision that affects its lifespan and environmental impact. 

The first step with asphalt driveway installation is to pick a reputable asphalt paving company near you. With proper installation and maintenance, there’s no reason why your asphalt driveway can’t last for another 20 years.

In this blog post, we will go over the different types of asphalt that can be used for residential driveway paving. It has always been our belief that the best customers are informed customers.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt is the most commonly used type of asphalt for residential driveways. It’s made up of aggregate and asphalt cement, heated and combined to form the final product. The asphalt is poured at the paving site, where a compactor presses it into shape. 

Since hot mix asphalt has a rich black color, it adds to the curb appeal of your home. Asphalt is also easier to repair than other paving materials, which keeps driveway maintenance simple. 

For example, asphalt crack filling can easily become a weekend DIY project if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, you can always call a professional to make asphalt driveway repairs.

Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt is a type of permeable paving. Like the name suggests, porous asphalt is filled with pores that allow water to seep through the surface and filter into an underlying rock bed. From there, the water is able to penetrate the soil and replenish water tables. 

Porous pavement is most useful for large parking lots where runoff is a concern. However, more and more homeowners are asking about porous asphalt driveways to reduce water runoff in their neighborhoods. 

Urban areas with asphalt roads and driveways make it difficult for water to seep into the soil so impurities are filtered out before entering waterways. Porous asphalt is a solution to this problem.

Recycled Asphalt

Did you know that asphalt is 100% recyclable? While some homeowners may balk at the idea of using recycled materials for their new driveway, recycled asphalt is just as durable and long-lasting as virgin asphalt at a fraction of the cost. 

According to AsphaltRecycling.com, asphalt contractors are able to save between $30 and $80 per ton of recycled asphalt, which makes it more affordable than other types of asphalt. 

Asphalt recycling is also good for the environment because it keeps approximately 75 million tons of asphalt out of U.S. landfills. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration reported asphalt is the most recycled material in the United States.

In terms of color, recycled asphalt is lighter than hot mix asphalt and gives driveways a unique look, which could appeal to some homeowners. If you prefer the dark black of a fresh asphalt driveway, though, hot mix will work better for you. 

If you need helping to pick the right type of asphalt for your driveway, please do not hesitate to contact the professionals. They’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate for driveway paving so you can make an informed decision for your home.

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