Tips for Keeping Your Twin Cities Concrete Driveway Looking its Best

Concrete is known for its beauty and its durability. As a driveway in front of your home, it adds value and curb appeal. However, a driveway that is not looking its best is going to take away from the appearance of a flawless home and a perfect lawn. It is going to have cracks, chips, and other issues that scream that it needs to be taken care of. This is a scene that we see throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the good news is that it is a scene that can be turned into something much nicer.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your concrete driveway looking its greatest for as long as possible in the erratic Minnesota weather:

  • Seal it – Experts recommend that a concrete driveway should be sealed six months after it is installed and then every two to three years after that. Concrete sealer should be applied in cool weather and at a time where the sealer has at least 24 hours to dry before it is supposed to rain again. You can have a professional apply the sealer. They use a sprayer, a brush, and a roller to ensure it is applied correctly.
  • Crack repair – Concrete can form cracks over time because of the freeze-thaw cycle that happens in Minnesota. If you see a crack, it is something that needs immediate attention or it will continue to grow. To fix a crack, the area needs to be cleaned, loose chunks of concrete removed, and concrete paint can be added for hairline fractures in the concrete. Grout, epoxy concrete patches, or vinyl concrete patches are quite useful. Again, if you are ever in doubt, opt for professional concrete repair to ensure it is done correctly with the latest methods so that it looks great and functions properly.
  • Keep it clean – Keeping concrete clean can also contribute to its longevity. This means keeping weeds out of cracks and repairing those cracks. You can spray off your concrete, but it is good to ensure that concrete is repaired before allowing water to flow into cracks. If you wish to opt for a concrete cleaner, you can. Some of them eliminate algae, mold, and mildew that can cause a driveway to be very slippery. A slippery driveway is a dangerous one. Some of these products can be sprayed on and then left to drive, making keeping the driveway free of hazards relatively easy.

Concrete is a fantastic material to use to create a driveway, but, just like any component of your property, it does need to be properly maintained so you can get the most out of it. If you notice significant issues, such as parts of your driveway sinking, it is best to have a professional address the problems so that you can have them repaired rather than your entire driveway replaced.