New Sidewalk Plan Approved in Edina

Sidewalks are an important part of residential property, commercial property, and throughout communities. They provide safe walkways for people to travel by foot. The surface is smooth, level, and gives some direction.

At one time, there were no sidewalks in the world and all people had were paths that others had created on their way to get where they were going. These paths were unlevel dirt paths with natural obstacles in the way. Some were narrow and others were wide. Those that were traveled often would become muddy. When the sidewalk was created and implemented throughout the Twin Cities, things changed for foot travel and now sidewalks are everywhere.

While sidewalks are a way of life, there are some communities throughout the country and even the Twin Cities that may be missing sidewalks or the existing ones need to be repaired.

In Edina, a controversial plan has come about to build sidewalks across the city. This plan is now in its final step toward implementation.

The Edina City Council approved a plan to build sidewalks in the areas where there are none. Some of the older neighborhoods throughout the city have sidewalks, but there are large parts that were built without them.

The city says that he plan will help increase walking and biking opportunities and reduce traffic, while attracting younger people from the suburbs over the next few decades.

There are around 77 miles of sidewalk in the city at the moment and the current plan that the city recently approved will add another 40 miles of sidewalk over a 30 year period.

Edina created a Pedestrian & Cyclist Fund to pay for the new sidewalks. Bike trails and other improvements to transportation with an assessment on monthly electric and gas bills are included in this new plan.

With new sidewalks, people will have a designated path to travel in areas where they currently don’t. Currently, a person who needs to travel by foot in an area with no sidewalk either has to walk in grass or alongside the street. This can create trip and fall hazards or the potential to be struck by a motorist. While foot traffic is low in those areas without sidewalk, it isn’t non-existent and that is why it is very important for Edina and any other neighborhoods in the Twin Cities to implement sidewalk plans that encourage walking, make walking safer, and give individuals a designated place to walk.

Not having a sidewalk can cause grass to become worn and that can be unsightly. This proves how sidewalks are important to the beautification of a city. They make a city look more organized and also more inviting when it comes to walking along its streets.

The same can be said for residential property: A sidewalk is going to add a designated walking path that is level, safe, and aesthetically appealing to the property.