DIY: Quick and Easy Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

repairWhen visitors come to your home, the first thing they see is your driveway. Driveways add enormous curb appeal to your home, and show that you care about maintaining and updating your surroundings. Of course, old, broken down driveways show guests something else entirely.

If your driveway is both installed and maintained correctly, your concrete driveway can last anywhere between 25 and 50 years. Here are some quick and simple tips any homeowner should follow in order to maintain their drive and keep the repairs at bay.

Proper cleaning
The amount of cleaning your driveway needs depends on its size and the amount of regular traffic it has. You need to remove stains immediately so any fluid doesn’t seep into your concrete and break it down from the bottom up. In general, car fluids cannot be cleaned with regular cleaning agents; a driveway contractor that specializes in cleaning spills will be your best bet.

Concrete cracks
If you have cracks in your concrete that are between a half an inch wide and a fourth of an inch deep, you can easily fill them in with a rubber polymer solution. Anything larger can compromise the entire driveway. Even worse, these types of cracks spread like wildfire.

Be very careful with deicing chemicals
These chemicals force the freezing and thawing of ice and snow. While it may be helpful for snow removal, it can cause a lot of surface damage that can be expensive to repair. In particular, products that have ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates in them are especially harmful because they can compromise the chemical structure of the concrete. If you do need traction on your driveway, try sand instead of these harsh chemicals.

Be gentle
While this may seem obvious, many homeowners don’t realize that a concrete driveway is actually pretty fragile. They cannot withstand especially heavy vehicles — such as large moving trucks or construction equipment — and can be easily scraped by shovels and/or plows. While asphalt is very flexible, concrete isn’t, which means it’s more likely to crack under pressure.

No matter how well you take care of your driveway, you will need to invest in regular maintenance to make it look its best. From pouring your driveway to repairing its cracks and holes, our professionals will keep your driveway in tip top shape.