Asphalt Driveway Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids, MN is a city of a little over 60,000 people. The very important Coon Rapids dam was constructed between the years on 1912 and 1914. Today, Coon Rapids ranks as the 13th largest city in Minnesota.

Surrounding Coon Rapids are cities such as Anoka, Blaine, and Andover. These cities have very rich histories in Minnesota and have roots that can be traced to the Civil War.
Although there are some newer construction homes in Blaine, the vast majority of homes are older- some even being a part of the historical society- dating back to the 1800’s. 47% of the houses in Coon Rapids were built before 1980.

What does this have to do with asphalt or concrete?

Well, when it’s installed properly, the average life of a concrete driveway is about thirty years- 20 years for asphalt. That means that many of the houses in Coon Rapids and the surrounding cities of Anoka, Blaine, and Andover are due for their driveways to be redone.

While some may want to opt to repair crumbling and cracking driveways, pathways, and sidewalks, it could be costlier in the long run. If your surface is approaching, or has already passed the twenty-year mark, it may be futile to simply repair the issues, because once one problem is fixed, another issue may arise.

In late 2007, the city of Coon Rapids put together a housing strategy that laid out a plan to ensure that suburban living in the city remained pleasurable. This plan also evaluated current housing market and resale values, as well as provided recommendations on how to bring subpar housing up to standard. This community is very interested in both attracting new residents and maintaining beautiful homes and neighborhoods for existing residents. Part of that strategy included physical upkeep and repair of houses and exterior structures, like driveways.

The last factor to consider is which company will install the driveway. Considering that an incorrect installation can decrease the life of the driveway by more than half, the company you choose is pretty important. Every day, new companies spring up, only to fold or go out of business a short time later. ACT Asphalt Specialties has been in business for over 30 years- providing the best asphalt driveways that the Minneapolis area has to offer. Be sure to go with a trusted, long-standing business who knows what it’s like to be a part of the Twin Cities community and has many customers to attest to that fact.

Sometimes, it may seem like it’s easy to forget about your driveway, but at ACT Asphalt Specialties, your driveway will get the care that it deserves. Call today to get a free estimate.