Concrete Repair: What Types Of Concrete Driveway Damage Can Be Fixed?

concrete repairBy most estimates, the United States contains more than 2.6 million miles of paved roads, and 94% of those roads are covered with asphalt. But if you look outside, you’re much more likely to see concrete on your home’s driveway, and if you look even closer, chances are you’ll see cracks, sunken slabs, and other signs of wear and tear. If you aren’t ready to shell out the cash for a new driveway, then concrete repair might be the solution you need.

What kind of damage can be fixed with concrete repair and driveway repair?
1. Weather Damage, Ice Damage
Minneapolis concrete repair companies see a ton of damage from snow and ice, and that’s because concrete driveways are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather if they aren’t properly cared for. If you see cracks, erosion, salt damage, or faded color in your concrete driveway, then concrete repair service can extend the life of your driveway. With the right TLC, your concrete driveway can last for 25 — or even 50 — years.

2. Gaps Between Driveway And Garage Floor
Ever wondered why gaps appear where your concrete meets the garage floor? It’s because most garage foundations are made with cinder blocks, the kind with two large holes in the center, which are normally filled with gravel, dirt, or even newspaper. Over repeated freezes, thaws, and salt use during the winter, this core filler erodes, causing the foundation to move away from the driveway. Without concrete repair this gap will grow and grow, creating a trip and fall hazard and damaging your cars. Minneapolis concrete repair companies helped pioneer a solution to this common problem.

3. Sunken Driveways
If you notice all or part of your driveway sinking, then you need concrete contractors to take a look before another winter arrives. Concrete driveways sink for a variety of reasons — soil erosion, burrowing animals, winter weather, and more — but the best concrete contractors Minneapolis has to offer can repair a sunken driveway in a single day. If you put off your driveway concrete repair, then the sunken slabs will crack, making them harder to repair. Because of the long winter, Minneapolis concrete repair companies have found they can save their customers money by repairing and leveling sunken driveways before they crack.

4. Faded Color Concrete
Despite what many people think, faded colored concrete can be fixed. In fact, concrete companies can provide about 250 shades, colors, and hues of colored concrete. Without proper sealing, maintenance, or because of corrosive salt, these surfaces can become stained and faded. But concrete repair companies can get your driveway looking brand new again.

Most types of concrete damage can be repaired, but the longer you wait, the greater the chance your driveway will need to be replaced altogether. So don’t put off concrete repair for another winter, or you could take 10 years off your driveway’s lifespan.