Collapsed Driveway One Unfortunate Reason to Call Concrete Contractors at Asphalt Specialties

concrete contractorsConcrete driveways installed by professional concrete contractors typically have a long lifespan. they’ll last between 25 and 50 years if they’re installed and maintained properly. That is, of course, also assuming the volatile actions of Mother Nature don’t have anything to say about it, which is the unfortunate predicament one Missouri family finds themselves in. Even the best preventative measures by concrete contractors can’t do a whole lot about that.

Christopher Chierek was a little luckier than a lot of his neighbors whose entire homes were flooded and damaged, but he’s still left reeling after the storms that recently hit Wildwood knocked the earth right out from under his concrete driveway. According to the local news station, it could cost up to $30,000 for the necessary driveway repairs.

“There’s about 10 sections that are actually cantilevered over because there’s nothing underneath them anymore,” said Chierek. “With my arms up in the air right now. We’re wondering who to go to for help.”

Unfortunately, Chierek’s Missouri residence puts him a bit out of our reach to help, but it does provide an important, if rare, case of a potential encounter you might have down the road. Since Chierek didn’t have ‘landslides’ covered under his home insurance plan they were quick to deny him coverage.

Luckily, a representative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told the local news station that their family, as well as others affected, could be entitled to federal aid/assistance.

“We moved out for the beautiful country, the trees, the peacefulness, but not a landslide,” Chierek said.

Despite the fact that asphalt is much more popular (94% of roads and 90% of parking surfaces are covered with is), concrete is still a viable option, and we’re one of the best dealing with it. Though we certainly don’t wish it upon you, should the earth under your driveway ever decide to give way, contact the team of expert asphalt and concrete contractors at Asphalt Specialties and we’ll assist you best we can.