Building a Concrete Pool Patio in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Pools are everywhere in the Twin Cities, which means there are a lot of patios out there surrounding them. Many of these patios are solid concrete, such as stamped concrete, while others are made out of pavers. Both can look great, but it is good to know their advantages and disadvantages so you can make the right decision about what you want to do when it comes to building a patio where you can relax.


When it comes to concrete patios, they can be stamped, the concrete can be colored to match the home, and much more. It is durable, it is beautiful, and it can mimic stone without you having to pay the cost of stone. When this concrete is stamped, it can give off an antique look, especially when a combination of two colors is used. If you don’t want your concrete patio stamped, then you don’t have to have it stamped. Many individuals love the clean look of unstamped and uncolored concrete around their pool.

But just like anything concrete, it can crack due to the freeze-thaw cycle of Minnesota. While it is inevitable that concrete will crack, contractors do place control joints in the right places so it will crack in places that make it easy to repair. However, there are times where cracks may occur elsewhere and this may require some patio concrete intervention. Sealer can help and it can be applied every two to three years. There is also the fact that concrete can be slippery if there is no anti-skid agent mixed into it.


Pavers can be made out of concrete or even a stone material. If pavers are installed correctly, they won’t usually crack. However, something hitting a paver hard can break it in two. If you ever wish to add pavers, they can be easily added without having to replace the rest of the patio. This is something that can be beneficial when repairs are needed. However, it is best to call your patio expert to make sure the repairs are as seamless as possible. There is also the fact that pavers are not slippery unless they are sealed, which is not usually done around pools since everyone walking around on the surface is going to be wet.

The disadvantages include the fact that the pavers can move over time if they are not installed correctly. This is another reason why you want to have professional patio installers take care of the job. The professionals serving Minneapolis and St. Paul are familiar with the way the ground behaves in the area. Plus, weeds can be prevented when a polymer is applied between the pavers to bind them together. Unfortunately, however, there are more limited color options. If you are not concerned about color, then this may be what you’re looking for.

When making this decision, it is best to talk to your patio installer about your options. Together, the two of you can go over the pros and cons and make a determination of which will work best for you, your property, and your pool area.