A Few Key Advantages of Installing Residential Concrete Driveways

concreteThere’s something about concrete driveways leading up to a home that gives off an air of class. Asphalt driveways still offer crisp, clean lines leading up to your front door or garage, but concrete offers a kind of versatility that asphalt simply can’t compete with.

Whether you’re considering switching your driveway or you’re planning one for your newly built home, here are just a few of the many key advantages that come with using concrete.

Design Versatility
As previously stated, this driveway material offers a good amount of versatility when compared to asphalt. In fact, there are more than 250 different hues and shades you can choose from for your driveway and walkways. In addition to that, stamped designs can make your driveway look like just about anything you want it to. Have you always wanted a cobblestone or brick driveway? Concrete can make it happen for you. If you want the freedom to design a driveway that speaks to your personality and your home aesthetic, this is the material for you.

More Cost Effective
One of the best things about these driveways is their cost effectiveness. While the initial cost might seem a bit high, the long-term will definitely put that price tag into perspective for you. These driveways are high-durability, low-maintenance, and above all else, aesthetically pleasing. So with minimal additional expenses to you, your new driveway will be greeting you for a very long time to come.

Higher Quality Material
The initial price tag might be lower than asphalt or another for m of paving, but concrete is one of the highest quality materials that you can have in a driveway. Not only is it safe to use in high traffic areas such as bridges, roads, and parking garages, it’s durable and won’t need many repairs over its long life. It’s an especially great material to choose if your driveway sees constant traffic or if you’re simply tired of paying for asphalt repairs every few years or so.

Replacing or creating a driveway certainly isn’t an easy task, but picking quality materials will ensure that you won’t need to do it again for as long as you reside in that household. What are you waiting for? There’s a beautiful concrete driveway out there waiting for you.