Salt, Ice, and Snow Plows: How To Maintain Your Asphalt During the Winter?

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Spend enough time working as an asphalt or concrete driveway contractor and you’ll encounter your fair share of driveway nightmares. For instance, most contractors love the Do It Yourself ethos (even if it occasionally cuts into the bottom line), because they know it’s better for American homeowners to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, concrete driveways are deceptively… Read more »

The 5 Weirdest Ways Americans Have Responded to Potholes

Like any Minnesota asphalt and concrete repair company can tell you, the long winter freeze inevitably leads to potholes blossoming all over town come springtime. And for as long as there have been roads, there have been potholes testing drivers’ patience (and tires). No doubt horse-drawn carriage drivers complained about potholes in their time, and… Read more »

Asphalt: The Made-In-America Driveway Pavement of Choice

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Concrete Repair: What Types Of Concrete Driveway Damage Can Be Fixed?

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Can You Repair A Damaged Minneapolis Concrete Driveway?

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