11-Year-Old Leads Police on 70 MPH Chase in Stolen Minnesota Concrete Truck

concreteIt isn’t often that a story about Minneapolis concrete repair goes viral, but such is a recent story out of Dodge County, where a pre-teen led police on a high-speed chase after boosting a truck from local concrete contractors.

On Sunday, March 20, an 11-year-old boy allegedly stole a concrete mixing truck and led police on an hour-long chase that reached speeds of 70 miles per hours. As one famously glib New York City outlet phrased it, “An 11-year-old boy cemented his trip behind bars.”

While the viral news story has been amusing people all over the country, it really isn’t a funny story. A young man is in serious legal trouble, and it’s extremely fortunate no one was hurt in the chase.

“A squad car is no match for a cement truck,” Kasson Police officer Gary Scofield told the Star Tribune. “He showed no compunction about running over one of us…He turned the truck and broadsided me and drove me all the way across 13.”

The 11-year-old thief reportedly stole a concrete mixer after concrete driveway contractors left the keys in the truck’s cab. Soon after, multiple Minnesota law enforcement agencies gave chase, and the kid smashed up police cars belonging to the Minnesota State Patrol and Kasson Police. The boy even floored it over a police stop stick, puncturing the front right tire. He still didn’t stop.

The pre-teen led police on a circular chase on highways and town roads, seemingly trying his best to hit more cars along the way. Meanwhile, residents came out to watch the chase.

β€œI betcha he drove around town six or seven different times,” Troy Flatness told NBC News. β€œHe was smiling, hooting and hollering…he was having a good time.”

The chase only ended when the boy accidentally drove into a cul-de-sac and briefly continued the chase on foot. Now, he’s parked in the Rochester Juvenile Detention Center.

Veteran concrete contractors can tell you about young kids or teens messing with fresh concrete by carving their initials or handprints into the paving material, but apparently that wasn’t enough for this unfortunate young man.